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IT security compliance means that your organisation meets the set industry standards to protect your company’s assets.

Data breaches are increasing rapidly, and some giant organisations like Yahoo, Canva, eBay, and Weibo have been victims at some point. Pechant Telec helps you secure your network and ensure you comply with internationally accepted cybersecurity standards to be on the safe end. We also ensure that you comply with the national cybersecurity laws put in place by the Kenyan government.

For instance, the Data Protection Act (2019) was designed to ensure that companies and organisations do not misuse data about their users, a failure to which the organisation can face a lawsuit. According to the DPA, it’s an offence to:

  • Disclose personal data without prior authorisation
  • Unlawfully disclose personal data
  • Disclose personal data obtained without prior authorisation
  • Obtain access to personal data without prior authorisation
  • Sell personal data obtained unlawfully

If convicted of the above offences, it could lead to a fine not exceeding Ksh 3 million or a jail term not exceeding ten years or both. International cybersecurity standards include;

  • ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002
  • ISO 15408
  • IEC 62443
  • ISO/SAE 21434
  • ETSI EN 303 645

Complying with IT security standards prevents you from hefty fines and penalties for violating the set standards. You, for instance, don’t want your company to face lawsuits due to customer data loss or misuse of data. Other than that, if you are compliant, your customers and prospects can trust you more. They want to rest assured that their personal information is safe in your hands. Needless to mention that a company that values and protects its customer’s data gains an excellent reputation.

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