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Do you cringe at the mention of the words Information Technology (IT)? Take a breath. Relax. Now, listen.

We understand that IT isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. So, it’s okay if you feel a little bit overwhelmed. It’s okay if you don’t understand all those IT service providers’ technical terms. It’s not your zone of genius. But you know what’s not okay? Letting the stress take a toll on you and your business. We can’t deny that IT is the core of every successful business, and research has proven this. That’s where Pechant Telec IT Company comes in

Pechant Telec is one of the top IT companies in Kenya that takes all your IT worries and concerns off your plate. Think of Pechant Telec as your one-stop shop for anything IT-related. Is it Wi-Fi installation, fear of getting hacked, or losing your data giving you sleepless nights? We are just a call away. At Pechant Telec, we take time to listen and understand your challenges. We then design and implement a customised, long-lasting solution. We are professional and highly skilled IT service providers, and our goal is to address all your IT issues in the simplest way possible.

Pechant Telec has a team of dedicated experts in each of our services. So, whether you are looking for outsourced IT support, a cybersecurity consulting, or internet solutions Kenya, rest assured that you will be working with a specialist. Simply schedule a call with a specialist now. 

We put customer service and satisfaction at the forefront of our business. IT is a sensitive sector, and we treat it with the utmost seriousness it deserves. We are honest, ethical, and patient with our customers. We are the IT industry experts. Focus on your zone of excellence and let the gurus handle your IT issues.


Our business strategy is to provide superior IT services that rely on innovation as a core differentiator. We take a holistic approach to the critical elements that customers require. The elements of our business strategy include:

Our Mission

We promise to deliver world class IT services and solutions that surpass customer expectations while earning equitable returns needed to sustain our welfare and environmental surroundings

Our Vision

To be the leading IT services provider in East and Central Africa.

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