Best ERP Software

Before going into the details of the best ERP software, it is essential to understand the concept of ERP software. ERP software can integrate all the departments of an organization and works as a single system. For example, integrating HR, manufacturing, marketing, sales, supply chain into a single ERP system. Here we will discuss the best ERP software in Kenya, their major features, and benefits.

Best ERP Software in Kenya

The ERP software we will discuss here are not only popular and effective in Kenya; these are in use worldwide.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Like most Microsoft products, it is the most powerful, trustworthy, and flexible software. Some of the biggest companies, like Coca Cola, HP, BMW, UPS, Delta, and many more companies are using this software. It is also a perfect ERP solution for small businesses. Furthermore, it is different software than other solutions.

It offers multiple product bundles according to your needs. The services include marketing, operations, customer service, sales, finance, human resource, and field service. When it comes to price, it is different than others because its price is transparent and available on the website. However, licensing guide requirements are a bit complex.

  • SAP Business One

It is the best choice for SMBs. If your company needs a single platform to consolidate your software and integrate different departments, SAP business one is for you. It includes resources for inventory management, sales, financials, CRM, analytics, and many more.

Moreover, you can enjoy industry-specific solutions as well. It offers 500+ add-ons to allow customization according to your business needs. The most significant benefit of SAP business one is easy mobile access. You and your employees can access this software remotely using the Android and iOS apps.

The only drawback of this software is its initial setup. In most cases, you can’t get it directly from SAP; you might have to purchase it from resellers or one of their partners.

  • ERPNext

It is an easy-to-use, modern, and free ERP solution used by almost more than 3000 enterprises. Undoubtedly, ERPNext contains everything that can help your business running and make it better. It includes all the integrations and modules so that you can get started whenever you want.

It includes resources like CRM, inventory, financial accounting, sales, purchase, HR, and many more. The specialty of ERPNext is it is a non-profit organization and helping the community to build their business using the free solution.

  • ODOO

This fully integrated, open-source, and customizable is packed with plenty of expertly designed business applications. It has an intuitive database that can fulfill many business needs, such as project, CRM, sales, inventory, manufacturing, accounting, and many others. Hence, this all-in-one software can fulfill the company’s needs regardless of the size.

It helps businesses to automate many processes to reduce manual inputs. It offers a single platform for different teams to communicate with each other. Moreover, mobile app access makes it user-friendly for any business.

Final Words

If you’re looking for the best ERP software in Kenya, you might have got the answer. These ERP solutions are popular worldwide, and many SMBs and large enterprises are using these ERP solutions.

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