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Pechant Telec helps you connect your applications to the cloud. Part of our cloud services also include connecting your on-premises applications with applications that live in the cloud. Also known as cloud data integration, cloud integration makes it easy to access all your applications in a single environment anytime, anywhere.

Benefits Of Cloud Migration

Wondering why you should care to move your business to the cloud? The benefits of club migration are plentiful, and they include;

  • Scalability:With your system in the cloud, you can either scale upwards or downwards easily without being bound by equipment. Since your IT needs change over time, cloud migration ensures that you only pay for what you need at a particular time.
  • Cost-effective:You don’t have to maintain data centres and onsite servers, which can be expensive. Instead, once you pay your cloud hosting company, they incur the hardware and facilities cost.
  • Security:All the data stored in the cloud is encrypted, and only the people you want can access it. We closely monitor and update the cloud features to ensure that the data remains as secure as possible.
  • Fast data recovery:In case of a disaster, you can recover your data fast enough from the cloud and go on with your business.
  • Saves you time:The whole process of migrating to the cloud is faster than buying servers, installing them, and placing them in a data centre.
  • Built-in status monitoring:Traditionally, you have to keep track of your system to notice any issues, such as an app that needs updating. But with a cloud service, you will be alerted of potential problems such as outages which is convenient and time-saving.

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