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Data backup is the process of creating copies of your data and storing it separately. Systems fail, natural disasters strike, and human-caused events like accidental deletion and malicious attacks are possible. If that happened, do you have a secondary location where you store your data? The primary purpose of data backup is to ensure that you have all your files safely stored somewhere else in case of the worst scenarios.

Pechant Telec provides data backup services so that in case you ever lose it, you can always recover it effortlessly. We provide cloud hosting services where we move all your data to the cloud, creating a virtual office that you can operate from even during a disaster.

Let’s say a fire happens, and all the work equipment gets damaged. Where would you start? With your system backed up in the cloud, you will have a starting point. In fact, you can operate virtually until your physical workstation is ready. You’ll probably just need a few computers, and you are all set to continue serving your customers.

Data Backup Benefits

  • Data security: With malicious people all over, you want your data stored securely. Apart from storing your data, data backup providers also provide security services through encryption. This lowers the chance of data breaches.
  • Easy access:You can access your files in a matter of seconds once you backup your data. If you back them up in a cloud, it’s even better because you can access them from any place and from any device.
  • Protection against power failure:Power failure can be inevitable and can affect your business operations. If there’s a power outage that affects your files, the only way to go on with business is if you have backed up your data.
  • Protection from cybercriminals and viruses:Unfortunately, cyber crimes and viruses are the reality that we must face. In some cases, antiviruses and cyber-attacks lead to the permanent deletion of files. If you back up your data, you can always retrieve it following a cyber attack.
  • Hard drives fail: Some companies store their data on hard drives. But hard drives, like any other machine, can fail. Sometimes they fail instantaneously, so you don’t get a chance to back up your data before the hard drive fails. The safest way is to always have the data in your hard drive backed up elsewhere.

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