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A datacentre is a physical facility such as a building or a room that houses critical organisation applications and data. In a data centre, you will find components such as; firewalls, servers, routers, switches, and data and application storage systems. There are different data centres ranging from small to large ones. All these require regular monitoring to keep the organisation running smoothly.

Some common types of data centres include;

  • Enterprise data centre:An enterprise data centre is owned and operated by the company it serves. In most cases, the data centre is built on the company’s site but can also be located offsite depending on location convenience. For instance, if a company operates in different regions, it can build a data centre in every region.
  • Managed data centre:A managed datacentre is run and monitored by a third-party service provider like Pechant Telec. The managed service provider offers computing, maintenance and system upgrades through a managed system on behalf of an organisation.
  • Colocation data centre:Colocation data centres are becoming very common. Also known as colo, a colocation data centre is a large facility that rents out to businesses. If your company doesn’t have enough resources to maintain your own data centre, a colocation data centre can fix your problem.
  • Cloud data centre:This is a datacentre whose data and applications are stored in the cloud by a cloud service provider like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft.

Our Data monitoring solution services include; datacentre environment monitoring, network monitoring, and software and application monitoring. If you are also looking to set up a Network Operations Centre (NOC) where your IT team can monitor and manage all your networks, Pechant Telec is a call away.

We use the best data centre monitoring tools in the market to get insights and visibility of your data centre’s overall health and status. Therefore, we can quickly identify and solve any issues that could otherwise compromise your business operations.

Pechant Telec has successfully offered datacentre monitoring services to companies such as Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) and Westwinds.

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