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Disaster recovery (DR) is the process through which an organisation regains functionality following events that negatively affect the business. Such events might result from natural disasters, power outages or even a cyber-attack that paralyses business operations.

After a disaster, disaster recovery experts like Pechant Telec help your business get back to normal IT infrastructure functioning as soon as possible. For instance, during a disaster, you might lose data. In such cases, Pechant Telec helps you recover the data and get back to normal business operations without delay.

Since IT disaster recovery is dependent on data backup, our data recovery services also involve creating a disaster recovery plan. The disaster recovery plan involves determining what needs to be backed up, where to back it up, the frequency, and the recovery time allowed following a disaster. A disaster recovery plan involves anticipating the worst and planning for it accordingly. In disaster recovery, it’s never about whether a disaster will strike but about preparing for when it will strike.

Phases Of Successful Data Recovery

A successful data recovery goes through three main stages;

  • Assessment:This is by far the most underutilised phase yet the most important. Before you even start restoring data, you need to assess the situation at hand, the risks, damage caused, and how the business function has been affected. From there, layout a plan on how you will restore the data.
  • Restoration: During this phase, you work with your team and relay the necessary information to them and the staff. Let them know what to expect during data restoration as well as the dos and the don’ts. Having a coordinator to track the progress actively is critical as you want to be sure that things are going as desired and that no time is wasted.
  • Recovery:You have now restored your data, so what’s next? During the recovery phase, you identify any issues, such as applications that need to be addressed and work on them. This is the stage to find out if any data was lost and find ways to recover it. In short, this is the phase to look for any problems that came up during the restoration process and work on them. By the end of this phase, everything should be working perfectly, and the business has gone back to normal.

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