Electronic Security Systems

Electronic security systems (ESS) are physical systems designed to protect personnel, property and physical assets from events and actions that could lead to loss or damage. At Pechant Telec, we specialise in; CCTV installation, alarm system installation, and access control systems.

CCTV Cameras Installation

CCTV cameras have become a necessity for organisations of all sizes. They help you monitor your premises remotely and keep criminals away. It’s unlikely that a criminal will go on with their activities once they notice there are CCTV cameras on your premises. Another benefit of installing a CCTV camera is the peace of mind it brings.

Alarm System Installation

An alarm system protects your organisation’s assets from theft and vandalism while keeping your employees safe. If you have people working at night, you want to make them feel safe when they are at work. They need to be assured that even though there’s a break-in, the authorities will be alerted, and they will be saved.

The other benefit of installing an alarm system on your business premises is offering 24/7 monitoring. You don’t have to watch your property every time.

Access Control System

Access control systems determine who can access your premises, what time they can access, the doors they can access and who can use or view your work resources. The technology authenticates their identity through fingerprints, face recognition, and access cards for someone to gain access. It ensures that unauthorised personnel stay off your premises and work equipment.

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