How to Design Data Center

Data center design is never an easy job, and it requires lots of time, money, and effort. When a data center is designed correctly, it can host servers and other IT equipment for decades. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to create a modest facility for SME or a million square foot facility for cloud technologies; you need to do everything right.

Important Tips to Consider for Data Center Design

Follow these tips for proper data center design.

  1. Leave Room for Growth

It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating the new facility or retrofitting the existing one; you’re going to invest a significant amount. Your data center design must not only fulfill your current needs, but it should fulfill your future needs as well. Your company will require the following things in the future:

  • Floor Space

How much floor space you currently have, and how much you need in the future? If you leave room for expansion, it will save your plenty of amount that you have to invest in a renovation after a few years.

  • Power and Cooling Requirements

Another massive investment will be on power and cooling equipment. Plan your current and future needs today because power and cooling equipment are costly.

  • Server Space

As mentioned earlier, you need to choose the right server racks that can fulfill your current needs and leave storage for future growth.

  1. Plan the Area From Where Support Team Will Work

Usually, the support team works from the area just outside the data center. The support team must have the capability to use advanced monitoring equipment to see how things are going in the data center. The support team will involve the IT professionals to deal with servers and IT equipment and technical members to deal with cooling systems, wiring, and humidity levels.

  1. A Proper Plan for Data Center Cooling

It’s the most critical factor to consider because too much heat can cause catastrophic failures in hardware. These failures can cost you millions to replace. It would be great to spend some time and resources on planning the airflow and cooling systems for the data center. There are multiple cooling options, so you need to choose which one would be best for you.

  1. A Proper Data Center Air Flow Management

After cooling process, you need to bring cool air into the data center facility. Moreover, you need to plan how you can get rid of hot air. It will help you to keep your cooling costs low. A smart and proper airflow plan can reduce the cooling expenses by up to 40%. You can use different airflow strategies, such as server rack airflow, main intake & exhaust, and segmented aisles.

  1. A Perfect Wiring Strategy

A proper wiring strategy can increase troubleshooting speed, reduce outages, and make the addition of new equipment easier. If you don’t have a proper wiring plan, your data center can become a huge mess. A perfect cable management plan can make your space look well organized and saves a huge investment.


Plan your data center design and take the planning process seriously. Follow these tips and save plenty of investment.



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