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Internet protocol (IP) telephony is a phone system that uses the internet to transmit calls, messaging, emails, and other types of communication. No landlines, no airtime. So long as you have the internet in your organisation, you are good to go. We supply and install modern IP phones that simplify business communication.

How Do IP Phones Work?

If you were lucky to find the old landline phones that most offices used, you already know that they relied on copper wires to transmit signals. However, the invention of mobiles phones and IP phones has since overtaken analogue landline phones. While an IP phone might have some physical resemblance ot the landline telephone, they function very differently.

Since it was developed in 1995, IP telephony has continued to evolve and become more reliable. Also known as voice over the internet protocol (VoIP), IP telephony takes your voice and converts it into digital signals before transmitting it via the internet. To do this, you can use an ethernet cable or high-speed Wi-Fi.

Benefits of IP Telephony

  • Mobility:IP telephones let you stay connected with your staff even when working remotely. They are portable, and you can always bring them to a new location. If you have different branches in the country, you can still communicate with staff or work from home without disconnecting.
  • Easy to install: Unlike the traditional landline phones that require physical lines during installation, installing and configuring the IP telephony system is much easier these days. All you need now is to connect your IP telephony system with the company network. You don’t need any lines.
  • Scalability:With an IP telephone system, you can either scale your communication up or down without complexities or added costs. Unlike traditional landline phones, where you pay for every new phone you add, the cost remains constant if you add a new IP phone.
  • Reduced costs:IP phones provide additional features such as call waiting, group calls, and call transfer without any additional costs. All you need is to pay your internet provider, and that’s about it.
  • Multimedia content: Gone are the days when voice calls were enough. Depending on the type of message you intend to send, it calls for various forms of media. Modern IP telephones aren’t just limited to voice calls. You can video call, send messages and emails, and handle conference calls.

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