Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are the IT tasks that organisations outsource to managed IT service providers like Pechant Telec. We handle those IT tasks for you so that you can focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Our managed IT services include; data backup services, disaster recovery services, IT help desk, remote monitoring, and onsite support.

Service description

Data Backup Services

Systems fail, natural disasters strike, and human-caused events like accidental deletion and malicious attacks are also a possibility. If that happened, do you have a secondary location where you store your data?

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery helps businesses get back to normal IT infrastructure functioning following hacking, natural disasters and power outages. During a disaster, you might lose data. In such cases, Penchant Telec helps you recover the data and get back to normal business operations as soon as possible

IT Help Desk

An IT help desk keeps business operations running smoothly. With different technologies being used in organisations, many technical issues are likely to arise. It is the role of the IT help desk to solve the IT issues and manage all the users’ requests as they come in.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring (RMON) involves monitoring our client’s operational activities using remote software. We can supervise your work mobile phones, computers, and other work devices from afar.

Onsite Support

There are IT problems that cannot be solved remotely. For such tasks, Pechant Telec’s technical specialists visit your premises and address the issue at hand.

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