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Onsite support is technical assistance that an IT company offers at your premises. There are IT problems that cannot be solved remotely. For such tasks, Pechant Telec’s technical specialists visit your premises and address the issue at hand. In a world where machines are part of everything that we do, the best you can do is make sure that they are always in good condition.

Don’t wait until they crash to call an IT specialist. Instead, have an IT service provider like Pechant Telec check all your computers and networks regularly. That way, issues are detected and addressed earlier before it’s too late. Onsite support services could involve; cabling, setting up a new office, site surveys, and installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment.

Onsite IT Support Benefits For Your Company

  • You can supervise the progress: Unlike remote support, where you wait on call for updates on how your issue is being handled, onsite IT support allows you to supervise the progress. If the IT team is repairing your computers, you can see how they are doing it instead of waiting for someone to update you via the phone.
  • Reduced costs:Hiring and maintaining a full-time IT expert to handle your technical issues can be expensive, especially when there are only a few tasks for them to do. You can save money by outsourcing your technical issues to managed service providers who you only hire on-demand. For instance, if you are only a small company, you might not need a full-time technician to repair your computers since they will at times end up with no work at all – and you still must pay them.
  • Increased productivity:Some tasks such as repair and maintenance of office equipment can be very time-consuming. Yet, your IT team is still expected to deliver on their other areas while still repairing the broken equipment. This mounts pressure on your IT team and they may not deliver as required. But you can free them some tasks so that they focus on income-generating tasks while a managed service provider handles your onsite support issues.
  • Flexibility:You don’t have to pay for three months of onsite support if you only need help for one month. Managed service providers allow you to choose a plan that best suits your business needs. If you only need them to help you set up a new office, you pay for that service alone. And if you would like them to be doing general maintenance of your office devices at least once a month, you agree on the terms.

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