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Remote monitoring (RMON) involves monitoring our client’s operational activities using remote devices known as probes or monitors. As your managed services provider (MSPs), we can supervise your work mobile phones, computers, and other work devices from afar.

We can then detect any issues and resolve them, update your system, automate maintenance tasks, and gain insights into the overall health of your network system. For instance, we can detect malware that is likely to damage or crash your entire system and fight it beforehand.

And because cybercriminals are always looking for loopholes in old and outdated systems, Pechant Telec ensures that all your systems are up to date. We could also install an employee monitoring software that helps you keep an eye on your employees, back up your data, and automate some tasks.

Benefits Of Remote Monitoring And Management For Your Business (RMM)

  • Minimised downtime: Downtime can cause the company losses if not addressed timely. Even though some situations are unforeseen, one of the best ways to practice caution is by working with a remote monitoring service provider. Some managed service providers are always monitoring your system 24/7 and are thus able to detect any issues before they arise and work on preventing them.
  • Real-time alerts:The remote monitoring software monitors devices. If it detects any threat in your network system, it alerts the service provider who acts fast enough to prevent problems. This way, employees don’t have to wait for long hours for an IT person to come and handle the problem. This saves the company time, which equals increased productivity.
  • Tasks automation: How often are you prompted to update your software and keep on postponing? Some IT tasks are easy yet tend to consume a lot of time. The danger of failing to update your system is increased risk of being manipulated. You can avoid these by working with a managed service provider like Pechant Telec who monitors and automates all the necessary tasks. They also ensure that your system is updated and schedule data backup so that you don’t lose data during a disaster.

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