Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the glue that holds together all your organisation’s devices. It organises all your phones, computers, and other work devices. Besides keeping your workplace neat and well-organised, structured cabling also improves performance. Once you let us handle your structured cabling, we will supply the ethernet and optic cables and install them.

Wondering if structured cabling will benefit your organisation? Check out these benefits of structured cabling, or call us for more insights.

Why You Should Care About Structured Cabling

Better network performance

A good network means increased employee performance. You won’t have issues with employees blaming their unproductivity on poor networks, which equals more sales and profits for your company.

Mitigate the risk of network downtime

Have you ever had a situation where the system is down and you can’t serve your customers appropriately? Such situations put you at the risk of losing business, and we bet you don’t want that. Structured cabling prevents such situations that could otherwise lead to uncalled-for losses


Structured cabling in your organisation will save you time and money. When there’s an issue, it’s easy to identify and rectify, unlike when there’s no structured cabling. The cost of maintaining a network with structured cabling is also cheaper.


Accidents at work happen all the time. You want to keep everyone safe – or at least make an effort to. Structured cabling ensures that all the cables are well organised to avoid interference and accidents.

A touch of class

You sure do not want ethernet cables all over your office tables and underneath. It’s messy and definitely not a good image for your organisation. Structured cabling ensures that your workspace is neat and classy.

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