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For most businesses, a stable internet solution is paramount. Having reliable Wi-Fi on your premises means serving your clients efficiently and effectively. You don’t have to lose clients just because your internet connectivity is poor

Pechant Telec is an affordable Wi-Fi installation service provider that you can always rely on. We first survey your site before progressing to the design and installation stages. After installation, we test the Wi-Fi to ascertain its efficiency.

If you have any problems with your Wi-Fi afterwards, we are always happy to help. We also make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is protected so that you can block foreigners who might be a threat to your organisation.

Wi-Fi Installation Cost In Kenya

The cost of Wi-Fi installation varies depending on your IT service provider and the internet company they will be using. Some of the common internet providers in Kenya include; Faiba Internet Service, Safaricom Internet, Zuku Internet, and Poa Internet. With all these providers available in the market, choosing the best internet solution for your business can be confusing, and that’s where we, Pechant Telec come in. We weigh your needs and help you choose a suitable internet plan for your business.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Internet Service Provider

As much as considering the cost of Wi-Fi in Kenya is essential, you want to make sure that you get high-quality Wi-Fi for smooth business operations. Other factors to consider when choosing an internet provider in Kenya include;

  • Internet speed and strength:This is the most important thing to consider when looking for the best Wi-Fi provider. The last thing you want is slow Wi-Fi because it will definitely affect your business.
  • Reputation:What are people saying about the internet service provider? It’s crucial to know how customers feel about the internet service provider because you might want to consider a different provider if they are unhappy. You can simply read the company’s reviews online and see how the company responds to the complaints.
  • Customer support:Wi-Fi installation is not enough. At some point, you will need to engage with your internet service provider (ISP), whether it’s because you are experiencing a technical issue or need to upgrade. You want to work with a company with top-notch customer service: one that is reliable and responds to inquiries promptly.

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